Course “Healthy joints” (EN)


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In this course you will find episodes to mobilize all joints from your neck to your toes, to develop flexibility and improve stretching.
We will prepare the muscles for a varied range of movements and exercises with weight. Each lesson lasts about ten minutes and as always is a high quality production.

Course program

  • Mobilization exercises for the toes, ankles, pelvis, shoulder blades, thoracic region, spine, shoulders, wrists and fingers. Breathe new possibilities into the movements of your joints.
  • Workouts to improve flexibility in the joints, preparing for deep squats, lunges and a wider range of exercises from different styles, including yoga.
  • Movements for the strength of the muscles that support the joints. Isometric exercises, with interesting modifications that include multiple joints at the same time to make your training more efficient.

This course is for somebody who wishes to

  • Prolong the youth of the joints
  • Take their workouts to the next level
  • Get rid of overexertion
  • Better understand the body
  • Improve the biomechanics of everyday movements